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Nick Spencer delivers final King James Bible Lecture

Wednesday, 19th October 2011

Nick Spencer delivers final King James Bible Lecture

The third and final King James Bible lecture was given by Nick Spencer, Research Director at Christian think tank, Theos on Wednesday 19th October.

Nick Spencer spoke authoritatively on Why the Bible is the Foundation of British Politics and concluded that “… just as it is impossible, or very difficult, to understand English literary history without recourse to the Bible, so it is very difficult to grasp English, indeed British politics without a similar understanding … it is not as if the Bible has been the only influence on national history, or that it has always been used on the side of the political angels. Rather, I am making a humbler claim. Whether we like to admit it or not, our deepest political virtues and commitments have been founded on and shaped by biblical Christianity.


Read the lecture transcript (PDF, 120 KB)

It’s a privilege to live and work here – the Abbey really is the heart of the country and its history.


Martin - The Dean’s Verger

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