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Our Lady of Pew

The Society of Our Lady of Pew venerates the Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, and regularly holds Mass and retreats in the Abbey.


Statue of Our Lady of Pew with a small candle on either side

The Chapel of Our Lady of Pew in Westminster Abbey, off the north ambulatory, was originally a self-contained 14th-century rectangular recessed chapel, but it now forms part of the entrance to the Chapel of St John the Baptist. The term 'Pew' refers to a small enclosure or chapel.

Sister Concordia Scott OSB, of Minster Abbey near Ramsgate in Kent, sculpted the fine alabaster statue of the Virgin and Child in the niche of the Chapel of Our Lady of Pew. It took 14 months to complete and was placed in the chapel on 10th May 1971.

The original statue here had disappeared centuries ago. The design of the 20th-century piece was inspired by a 15th-century English alabaster Madonna at Westminster Cathedral.

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Upcoming services and events

Eucharist for the Feast of Our Lady of Pew

  • Friday 3rd May, 6.30pm
  • Lady Chapel

Summer Festival Eucharist of Our Lady of Pew

  • Friday 19th July, 6.30pm
  • High Altar

Our Lady of Pew Requiem Mass

  • Friday 8th November, 6:30pm
  • Lady Chapel

Society of Our Lady of Pew Annual General Meeting

  • Friday 8th November, 8:00pm
  • Jerusalem Chamber

Quiet Days

To be announced