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Mary, Lady Dudley

In the south aisle of St Margaret's church Westminster is a large monument to Mary, wife of Edward Sutton, Lord Dudley, who died in 1600. It shows a recumbent effigy of Mary in a red cloak trimmed with fur, wearing a ruff and headdress, with a lion at her feet. It is thought to be from the Cure sculpture workshop. it has been moved several times. In 1708 it was to the north of the altar. Beside the tomb is a praying figure of her second husband Richard Mompesson of Wiltshire who put up the monument. Originally there was a faldstool with a book in front of him. This figure could be by sculptor Isaac James. Above the tomb is a shield of arms. The inscription reads:

Here lieth entombed Marie La. Dudley, daughter of Willi. Lo. [Lord] Howarde of Effingham, in his time Lo. High Admyrall of Englande, Lo. Chamberlayne & Lo. Privy Seale. She was grand childe to Thomas D. [Duke] of Norff. [Norfolk], the two of that surname & sister to Charles Howarde, Earle of Nott[ingham], Lo. High Admyrall of England by whose prosperous direction through the goodnes of God in defendinge his hand mayde Q. Elizabeth the whole fleete of Spain was defeated & discomfited. She was first married to Edw. Sutton, Lo. Dudley & after to Rich.Montpesson Esq. who in the memorie of her virtues & laste testimony of his love, erected this monument. She slept in Christ Jesus in the yere of our Lorde 1600 & the 21 of Aug: attending the joyfull day of her resurrection.

She was Edward's third wife. He was buried in the church on 12th August 1586 with his parents - John, Lord Dudley was buried 18th September 1553 and his mother Cecily (Grey) was buried 28th April 1554 but no grave marker or monument remains for any of them.


St Margaret's Church

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Mary, Lady Dudley
Lady Dudley monument

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