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Princess Mary, daughter of George V

She was the only daughter of George V and Queen Mary and was born on the Sandringham estate on 25th April 1897.


On 28th February 1922 Princess Mary was married to Henry, Viscount Lascelles (later the 6th Earl of Harewood) in Westminster Abbey.


The Princess Royal, as she was known, died on 28th March 1965 and was buried at Harewood House in Yorkshire.

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Wedding Order of Service (PDF 899KB)


25th April 1897


28th March 1965


28th February 1922

Princess Mary, daughter of George V
HRH Princess Mary 1925 by John Singer Sargent

[Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons

Princess Mary, daughter of George V
Wedding of Princess Mary at Westminster Abbey, 1922

The Shrine of St Edward the Confessor is one of the most powerful features of the Abbey. To stand in the presence of a man who is both a saint and a monarch is awe-inspiring.


The Reverend Christopher Stoltz - Minor Canon

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