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Holy Communion

A service of Word and Sacrament, according to the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, in which the Holy Scriptures are read, prayers are offered, and bread and wine are consecrated and received as the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

A priest holds a communion wafer and a silver chalice


Holy Communion currently takes place daily at 12:30pm, all week long. 


Entry is via the Great West Door.

Tickets must be booked for our Sunday morning Holy Communion and Eucharist services, due to social distancing measures. For all other services, please note that we may not be able to accommodate everyone who wishes to attend. We suggest you arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Check our coronavirus page for more information about visiting us at this time.

Holy Communion times

20th - 26th June 2021
Monday, 21st June 2021
12.30pm Holy Communion Nave
Tuesday, 22nd June 2021
St Alban, first martyr of Britain, c 250
12.30pm Holy Communion Nave
Wednesday, 23rd June 2021
St Etheldreda, Abbess of Ely, c 678
12.30pm Holy Communion Nave
Thursday, 24th June 2021
The Birth of St John the Baptist
12.30pm Holy Communion Nave
Friday, 25th June 2021
12.30pm Holy Communion Nave
Saturday, 26th June 2021
12.30pm Holy Communion Nave

Everyone is welcome at these services, free of charge.

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Abbeycast, a podcast produced at Westminster Abbey, is released occasionally to mark feast days and major anniversaries. Each episode features a reading, short address, anthem, prayers, blessing and music from our Choir.

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