Regular services

Holy Communion

A service of Word and Sacrament, according to the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, in which the Holy Scriptures are read, prayers are offered, and bread and wine are consecrated and received as the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

A priest holds a communion wafer and a silver chalice


Holy Communion currently takes place daily at 12:30pm, all week long. 


Entry is via the Great West Door.

Holy Communion times

1st - 7th August 2021
Sunday, 1st August 2021
Ninth Sunday after Trinity
8.00am Holy Communion Nave
The Book of Common Prayer; said
Monday, 2nd August 2021
12.30pm Holy Communion Nave
Tuesday, 3rd August 2021
12.30pm Holy Communion Nave
Wednesday, 4th August 2021
John Vianney, curé d'Ars, spiritual guide, 1859
12.30pm Holy Communion Nave
Thursday, 5th August 2021
Oswald of Northumbria, king, martyr, c 642
12.30pm Holy Communion Nave
Friday, 6th August 2021
The Transfiguration of Our Lord
12.30pm Holy Communion Nave
Saturday, 7th August 2021
12.30pm Holy Communion Nave

Everyone is welcome at these services, free of charge.