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Past Institute lectures


Justice is a characteristic of a civilised society. Where is it to be found? In structures of government; institutions; individuals? Is it the same as fairness?

Justice needs to be seen to be done or resentment flairs, but should it be punitive, retributive, restorative or rehabilitative? Can justice that attends to individual heartbreaking cases also be fair and transparent? Can it acknowledge the place of mercy, grace, generosity, sacrifice, and undeserved forgiveness?


Westminster Lecture: Fair enough? Justice in the 21st Century

James Hawkey, Canon Theologian of Westminster Abbey and The Right Honourable Jack Straw

Westminster Lecture: Can institutions be just?

Dr Claire Foster-Gilbert, Director, Westminster Abbey Institute, and Baroness Butler-Sloss

Westminster Lecture: Is a just society possible?

The Reverend Jane Sinclair, Canon of Westminster, Rector of St Margaret's Church and Chair of Westminster Abbey Institute, and Mark Ormerod, Chief Executive, Supreme Court

The Charles Gore Lecture 2019: Justice, Mercy and Remembrance

The Reverend Professor Michael Banner, Dean of Trinity College, Cambridge and The Very Reverend Dr John Hall, Dean of Westminster


I’ve worked here for over thirty years and have seen many of the major services - it’s strange to realise that you are in a small way part of history.

Pamela - Rector's Secretary

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