Abbey clergy

The Dean and Chapter

The Dean and Chapter oversee worship at the Abbey. It also looks after our building and runs the Abbey as a visitor attraction.

The Venerable David Stanton, Sub-Dean, Archdeacon and Canon of Westminster

The Reverend David Stanton

Sub-Dean and Canon Treasurer

Canon of Westminster, Tricia Hillas

The Venerable Patricia Hillas

The Canon Steward and Archdeacon

Paul Baumann, Receiver General and Chapter Clerk

Paul Baumann CBE

Chapter Clerk and Receiver General

Minor Canons

The Minor Canons are responsible for all worship and liturgy in the Abbey and in St Margaret's Church. This includes the celebration of the Eucharist and the provision of Sunday worship, as well as many special and annual services.

The Reverend Mark Birch, Minor Canon and Sacrist

The Reverend Mark Birch

Minor Canon and Precentor