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Sister Liz says goodbye after seven years 'loitering with intent'

Monday, 10th September 2007

Sister Liz says goodbye after seven years 'loitering with intent'

Sister Liz is moving to the North East of England. She will be based at St Anthony's Priory, an ecumenical spirituality centre in Durham, where she hopes to be studying for an MA in Theology and Ministry at the theological college Cranmer Hall. She also plans to be undertaking chaplaincy work in Sunderland.

She was presented by the Dean with, among other gifts, a framed photograph of the painting on the east wall of St Faith's Chapel - an image that she said she wanted to carry with her long after leaving the Abbey.

The Dean said:

Sister Liz combines deep commitment to contemplative prayer with a real openness to what goes on in the world. And she has brought an extremely important gift to the Abbey. She has this ability of loitering with intent - picking up people and quickly engaging them in quite deep conversation. There are a great many people whose lives have been affected by Liz's ministry.

Sister Liz said:

I often tell people in the Abbey to put aside the history for a moment and ask themselves what they have received from Westminster Abbey. I know what I have received - lovely people. I have so enjoyed these ad hoc conversations that just appear.

Sister Judith of the Community of the Sisters of the Church will be joining the Abbey shortly.

The work can be tough, but even the cold and rain don’t bother me as I enjoy it so much. I love every day that I spend at the Abbey – just being here makes me smile.


Tim - Gardener

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