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Canon Hutt awarded Lambeth degree

Friday, 15th April 2005

Canon Hutt awarded Lambeth degree

Congratulations to Canon David Hutt on being awarded the degree of Master of Arts by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

These degrees, often known as Lambeth degrees, are real academic awards, which are made on merit, in recognition of the person's contribution to religious, academic, and public life. The right of the Archbishop to make these awards dates from the 16th century, and they are given to people who have given outstanding service to the Church. Often these are musicians or other people who have had a high public profile. David Hutt's degree is "in recognition of his extensive ministry to clergy and laity over many years, and of his wider contribution to the public face of the Church, offered in parishes, and as a Canon of Westminster."

This recognises the whole of David Hutt's ministry, not just that at Westminster Abbey. His wisdom and grace as a pastor and priest are also honoured. It brings much pleasure to his many friends at the Abbey and elsewhere, but even more this recognition will be an encouragement to the parish clergy.

The degree ceremony is on Monday 6th June.

There really isn’t a more spectacular building to work on. It’s been one of the most gratifying and rewarding experiences of my life.


Kevin - Galleries Project Manager

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