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An Observance for Commonwealth Day 2006

Monday, 13th March 2006

An Observance for Commonwealth Day 2006

The Bromley Valley Jets' gymnastic team stole the show at this year's Commonwealth Observance Day Service.

They marked this year's "Health and Vitality" theme with an extraordinary acrobatic routine from the repertoire of the world-renowned Circe du Soleil.

HRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, attended the Observance this year because HM The Queen is in Australia, opening the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.

Other highlights included the soprano, Patricia Rozario, the Abbey Choristers, and The St Bonaventure's and St Angela's Sixth Form Gospel Choir.

Musicians from the Bhavan Institute, West Kensington, performed the devotional piece Jati Svaram.

In his Bidding Canon Robert Wright emphasised the positive and exciting events of the past year, but urged everyone to remember the Asian tsunami and London bombings. He said:

Our joy is overshadowed, however, by the many sadnesses in our own particular situations and throughout the Commonwealth and we remember, at this time, all those whose lives have been affected by tragedy and disaster.

He ended by linking this year's theme with the 80th birthday of HM The Queen:

There can be no greater aim this year... than to bring life and vigour, health, hope fulfilment and fullness of life to our brothers and sisters throughout the Commonwealth.

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