John Makcullo

On the south wall of St Margaret's church Westminster is a memorial tablet to James I's physician John Makcullo (Maccolo or Macullo). It is attributed to sculptor William Wright. Above the inscription is a coat of arms "argent, three boars heads erased gules". The Latin can be translated: 

To the spirit of the departed and in sacred memory. John Makcullo of Myrton, of Scottish and British extraction, one time Chief Physician to the Grand Duke of Tuscany, and also Professor holding a distinguished chair of philosophy at Pisa; subsequently Physician in Ordinary to the King of Great Britain, the Aesculapius of his age; administering and conserving treatments for disease, being lavish in so doing. His mortal remains he has left in this tomb, in the hope of resurrection and of a better life; in the year of our restoration and salvation 1622, in the 46th year of his age, upon the 6th day of September. Being born we are destined for death and our end overshadows our beginning

On the ledge below:

The work of his executors Matthew Douglas, Archibald Renkin

He was born in Edinburgh and educated there and at Basel and Montpelier.

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His will is at the City of Westminster Archives Centre




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John Makcullo
John Makcullo memorial

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