Photograph of a dragon carved into Westminster Abbey to promote the knights and dragon page for families

Knights and dragons

Knights have long been a part of Westminster Abbey’s story, with many buried and remembered inside the church. Today, the Lady Chapel even remembers modern knights during their lifetime. The Knights of the Order of the Bath each have their own special flag and crest. Over to you to explore what it takes to be a knight, perhaps even defeating a few dragons…

Illustration of boy dressed as a knight on top of a photograph of the nave at Westminster Abbey, representing the Coats of Arms Creations video

Coat of Arms Creations

Discover why coats of arms were created hundreds of years ago and design your own to represent your family.

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Photograph of adults and children hands creating coats of arms with coloured pens, representing the Coats of Arms Creations template

Coats of Arms Creations

Coat Of Arms Creations
Photograph of Westminster Abbey staff member dressed as a squire for a video about knights

Knight School 101

Join Squire Will to learn the basics of becoming a knight. Test your knowledge and complete your combat training before taking your vows of service.

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Illustration of a family of five having a good time
Illustration of mother pointing upwards and son looking up excitedly
Photograph of a dragon craft activity from Westminster Abbey

Fiery dragons

Begin a roaring adventure with us and meet some of the dragons that live within the Abbey’s walls. Create a fiery friend of your own.

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Visiting the Abbey

Westminster Abbey is a brilliant place for families to visit. There are animals to spot and stories to discover as you walk round. With over 3,000 people buried and remembered in the Abbey, there really is something for everyone to get excited about.

We run family activities on a variety of themes on Saturdays throughout the year and during local school holidays too. Explore the Abbey and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries with help from our exciting family trails.