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Photography in the Abbey

Visitors to Westminster Abbey are welcome to take personal photographs in the church but we ask that you do not use a flash or take pictures during services.

If you are planning to take photographs during your visit, please note the following restrictions:

  • Photography is not permitted at any time during services, including any services that run alongside tourist visiting.
  • Video recording, flash photography, extra lighting, selfie sticks and tripods are not permitted.
  • Photography of children and young people is prohibited without consent of the accompanying adult.
  • Professional photography is only permitted on the approval of our Press Office.
  • Photography is not permitted at any time in the Shrine of St Edward the Confessor, St Faith’s Chapel or The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries.

Please speak to a member of staff if you have any questions about photography during your visit to the Abbey.

Photo gallery

This gallery includes a number of professional-quality, high-resolution images of Westminster Abbey which you are free to download and use on a personal, non-commercial basis.

Requests for any public, commercial or professional use of these images should be made via email to the Press Office.

At different times of the day, or in different seasons, the light falling in the Abbey will light up something that you have walked past a million times and never seen before.

Vanessa, Head of Conservation

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