John and Penelope Herbert

Penelope Herbert was buried on 1st May 1657 in St John the Baptist's chapel in Westminster Abbey. She has no monument but her name appears on the stone above the vault. She was the posthumous daughter and coheir of Sir Paul Bayning, 2nd Viscount Bayning, and his wife Penelope (Naunton). She was baptised in 1638 and married at St Martin in the Fields church in London before she was nine years old to the Honourable John Herbert, youngest son of Philip, 4th Earl of Pembroke and 1st Earl of Montgomery.

Her only sister Anne married Aubrey de Vere, 20th Earl of Oxford on the same day. Anne was buried in the chapel on 27th September 1659.

John Herbert was buried on 23rd November 1659 in St Nicholas's chapel in the Abbey. He was the youngest son of Philip, 4th Earl of Pembroke and 1st Earl of Montgomery, and his first wife Lady Susan de Vere, daughter of Edward, 17th Earl of Oxford. His brothers Philip, 5th Earl of Pembroke, and James administered his will. He had no children. His grave is not marked.

Also in this chapel is Penelope, the young sister of Colonel Philip Herbert. She was baptised in 1651 and buried on 28th February 1655.

John and Penelope Herbert
Chapel of St John the Baptist

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