Photograph of Poets' Corner in Westminster Abbey to promote the writers and thinkers page for families

Writers and thinkers

After Geoffrey Chaucer was buried here, Poets’ Corner became the place where many other creative people were buried and remembered. This space in the Abbey’s South Transept remembers people who have explored the world in all sorts of creative ways. Stretch your creative muscles with these videos.

Photograph of Margaret Cavendish's memorial at Westminster Abbey for a video about characters

Story Building - Character

Explore Character with some storytelling tips and tricks and meet a very special person named Margaret Cavendish.

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Photograph of Westminster Abbey architecture for a video about place

Story Building - Place

To uncover the importance of Place in a story, we hear a terrifying tale from the Abbey’s history. Be inspired to start your own story.

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Illustration of father holding baby looking and pointing up
Photograph of Olaudah Equiano memorial for a video about journeys

Story Building - Journey

Explore the idea of Journey through the life of Olaudah Equiano. Pick up ideas and play games to prompt your own interesting tales.

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Photograph of the Coronation Chair at Westminster Abbey for a video about events

Story Building - Events

Reveal the power of an Event in a story by looking at one special day in the life of Queen Elizabeth II. What story will you tell?

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Illustration of young girl using both hands to show something
Photograph of a lion statue within Westminster Abbey, representing the links between the Abbey and C.S.Lewis' Narnia

A taste of Narnia

Explore the links between Narnia and Westminster Abbey and bake a delicious treat inspired by C.S Lewis' amazing story.

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Visiting the Abbey

Westminster Abbey is a brilliant place for families to visit. There are animals to spot and stories to discover as you walk round. With over 3,000 people buried and remembered in the Abbey, there really is something for everyone to get excited about.

We run family activities on a variety of themes on Saturdays throughout the year and during local school holidays too. Explore the Abbey and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries with help from our exciting family trails.