Security at the Abbey

This page details the security and safety measures we have in place so you can fully enjoy your visit to the Abbey.

Abby, a Security Beadle

Our security team

The Abbey’s Beadles, our dedicated security team, are on site at all times to keep our visitors, worshippers and staff safe.

Not just a friendly face, they are professionally trained to carry out checks around the building and the grounds through day and night, of those entering the Abbey, and to look out for anything suspicious.

A security Beadle checking bags

When you arrive at the Abbey

Your bag will be searched before you come in and some additional checks might be needed. If the security team find any items considered dangerous or illegal they will be seized and the police may be called.

Luggage and large backpacks are not allowed inside and can not be left with us. Find out more information about access and facilities in our FAQs.

It generally doesn’t take long to pass through security checks but please bear in mind that sometimes it takes a little longer to queue. Occasionally we have to close the gates early so we have enough time to do our security checks.

A security beadle checking a walkway with a touch

Stay alert

We also ask that you stay alert when you are at the Abbey, and help us by reporting anything that doesn’t seem right straight away to any member of staff, or to the police. By playing your part, you’re doing your bit and helping to keep everyone safe. You won’t be wasting anyone’s time.


Picture: Paul Grover


Learn about the signs to spot and report anything online, in confidence to the police.