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Abbey gender pay gap report

Wednesday, 7th March 2018

Abbey gender pay gap report

Westminster Abbey has published its gender pay gap statistics.

The Gender Pay Gap Regulations, which came into force in April 2017, require organisations with more than 250 employees to collect a snapshot of data about the average pay of men and women and to publish their statistics.

Our figures show that the average gender pay gap at the Abbey is 2% in favour of men and the median is 11.6% in favour of women.

The Dean & Chapter of Westminster are not complacent about the pay gap reported in these figures and have considered ways in which to address the particular gaps in the upper quartile pay range. For example, the Abbey will in future seek to frame person specifications in slightly different ways, such as focusing more on the description of the tasks and duties in which candidates need to be able to demonstrate their skills and competence, rather than on the type of environment the skills have been gained in. The Abbey may also state in recruiting for roles in which women are underrepresented that they would welcome applications from women.

Westminster Abbey Gender Pay Gap analysis April 2017

Upper quartile Third quartile Second quartile Lower quartile Total
Men 32 45 49 37 163
Women 44 31 27 39 141
Mean difference in average pay women to men -6.2% 2.24% -0.03% 1.81% -2%
Median difference in average pay women to men -5% 12% 0.6% 1.2% 11.6%

I’ve worked here for over thirty years and have seen many of the major services - it’s strange to realise that you are in a small way part of history.

Pamela - Rector's Secretary

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