A national service to celebrate 12 Step Recovery

Tuesday, 25th October 2022

The clock tower of St Margaret's Church, Westminster

A National Service to celebrate 12 Step Recovery was held in St Margaret's Church, Westminster Abbey, on Tuesday 25th October.

The service was conducted by the Right Reverend Anthony Ball, Canon of Westminster and Rector of St Margaret's Church, and was held in partnership with the All Party Parliamentary Group for the 12 Steps.

The group seeks to ensure that 12 Step Recovery programmes, based on Alcoholics Anonymous' Twelve Steps first published in 1939, finds a place at the heart of addiction policy in the UK.

Today, more than 30 different ‘Anonymous’ fellowships hold over 7,000 meetings weekly in the UK. These fellowships help tens of thousands of people to recover from all types of addictions and dependencies.

The service included music, prayers and readings, and an Address given by the Rector.

Order of service

'A New Freedom': National Service to celebrate 12 Step Recovery - order of service (PDF, 408KB)