Sebastian Charles

The Reverend Sebastian Charles, Canon of Westminster from 1978 to his death on 28th October 1989, was buried in the south choir aisle of Westminster Abbey on 17th February 1992 and his memorial tablet was unveiled on 28th December of that year. The Lepine limestone tablet, with a painted device of three entwined fishes, was designed by Donald Buttress, Surveyor of the Fabric and executed by Tim Metcalfe. The inscription in maroon, blue and gilt reads:

Sebastian Charles 1932-1989. Born in Burma, citizen of India, Canon of Westminster 1978-1989 + Friend and stranger fearless in the cause of Jesus Christ who disturbs and reconciles

He was born in Burma of Tamil Christian parents and educated in Madras, as he was an Indian national. After training at Lincoln Theological college in England he served at Portsea and then in the diocese of Rangoon (until Burma closed its doors to him), at Manchester and at Salford, being a Secretary at the British Council of Churches.

During his time at the Abbey he was also involved in work with the black community, the Parole Board and the Inner City Trust. In 1967 he married Frances Challen. Their children are Shanti, Tagore, Lara and Ashok. Frances was buried with him in 2014.


28th October 1989


17th February 1992


28th December 1992


17th February 1992




South Choir Aisle

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Sebastian Charles
Sebastian Charles memorial

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