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Hugh Weston

Priest and Dean

Dr Hugh Weston was Dean of Westminster from 1553 to 1556 when he resigned due to the re-founding of the Benedictine monastery by Mary I. He has no memorial at Westminster Abbey and is buried at the Savoy chapel in London. Born around 1510 in Leicestershire he was educated at Oxford and served at a couple of churches in London before returning as rector in his home church of Burton Overy. He was also archdeacon of Cornwall but was imprisoned in the Fleet prison in London because of his conservative religious views. He was released to the custody of Thomas Cranmer (at whose trial he took part) and became a chaplain to Mary I who made him Dean of Windsor in 1556. He was deprived of this office on a disputed charge of indecency and died on 8th December 1558. His brothers were Nicholas and William (vicar of Godmanchester) and a kinsman William was his executor.

Further reading

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8th December 1558


Priest; dean

Hugh Weston
Westminster Abbey exterior drawing

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