Prayer and worship: a three-minute film

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KS1; KS2; KS3; KS4


Religious Education


Prayer and worship


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Introduce or recap Christian prayer and worship with primary and secondary students in the context of Westminster Abbey using this short film. A mixture of spoken word, animation and visual documentary will consider what worship means and explore 1,000 years of prayer and worship at the Abbey. This film concludes with a reflective thought on Christian prayer and the significance of lighting candles.

This film is ideal as a starter for Prayer and Worship lessons, either using Westminster Abbey teaching resources or your own content. Download the accompanying teachers’ notes document, which includes a full transcript.

Learning objectives

  • To learn the key elements of Christian prayer and worship and explain that it can take different forms. It can be public or private, and you can follow set prayers or use your own words
  • To understand that Westminster Abbey is primarily a working church with prayer and worship taking place on a daily basis
  • To understand that while prayer and worship has been constant in its 1,000 years, it was originally home to a community of Benedictine monks but since the Reformation, Westminster Abbey has been an Anglican church
  • To learn that anyone is welcome to come for free to a service or to pray at any time at Westminster Abbey, and that the Abbey welcomes people of all faiths