Photograph of the ceiling of Westminster Abbey to promote the art and architecture page for families

Art and architecture

Westminster Abbey was founded in the year 960 AD. Since then there have been three churches on the same site. The current church is 750 years old and full of beautiful statues and windows. Join us to find out about and recreate some of the wonders you would encounter inside.

Illustration of the building of St Edward the Confessor's Norman church for a video about the history of building Westminster Abbey

Building History

Explore the story of building Westminster Abbey through six key moments in time. Meet the monks who lay the foundations of this great church and the mighty kings who built and rebuilt this special space.

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Illustration of women using both hands to show something
Illustration of a family of five pointing and looking in different directions
Photograph of stained glass windows in Westminster Abbey for a video about stained glass

Stained glass windows

Uncover the stories behind Westminster Abbey’s stained glass windows and learn how to make your own from things you have at home.

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Visiting the Abbey

Westminster Abbey is a brilliant place for families to visit. There are animals to spot and stories to discover as you walk round. With over 3,000 people buried and remembered in the Abbey, there really is something for everyone to get excited about.

We run family activities on a variety of themes on Saturdays throughout the year and during local school holidays too. Explore the Abbey and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries with help from our exciting family trails.