Henry son of Henry VIII

Henry, Duke of Cornwall, eldest son of Henry VIII and his queen Katherine of Aragon was buried in Westminster Abbey, on the north side of the Sanctuary area near the entrance to the chapel of St Edward the Confessor. At his birth at Richmond Palace on 1st January 1511 guns, bells and bonfires were set off in celebration and the King rode to Walsingham to give thanks. On returning to Westminster he held a tournament and pageant. But the young heir died on 22nd February following.

When the new High Altar was being constructed by Sir Gilbert Scott in the 1860s a small lead coffin of a child was found to the northern part of the step in front of it. This may have been the young Henry's coffin but it was not disturbed. There is no marker.





The High Altar of Westminster Abbey, under which Henry son of Henry VIII is buried
High Altar of Westminster Abbey, under which Henry is buried

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