Henry Frederick, Duke of Cumberland

Henry Frederick, Duke of Cumberland and Strathern and Earl of Dublin (in the Irish peerage) was buried in the Hanoverian vault below the central aisle of Henry VII's chapel in Westminster Abbey on 28th September 1790, with his parents and several siblings. A small inscribed stone in the black and white pavement reads: 

Henry Fred. D. of Cumberland 4th son of Frederick P. of Wales 1790

Interment Order of Service, Tuesday 28 September 1790 (PDF, 411 KB)

He was born on 26th October 1745, a son of Frederick Louis, Prince of Wales (son of George II) and his wife Augusta at Leicester House in London. He was appointed Ranger of Windsor Great Park by the King and created Duke of Cumberland in 1766. Joining the navy he rose to the rank of vice-admiral in 1770. In 1778 he was made an Admiral but forbidden to take a command. He had a notorious relationship with Lady Grosvenor but married the Hon. Anne Horton, widow of Christopher Horton and eldest daughter of Simon Luttrell, 1st Earl of Carhampton, on 2nd October 1771. They had no children and she died abroad in 1803. Henry died after alighting from his coach outside Cumberland House in Pall Mall on 18th September.

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Henry Frederick, Duke of Cumberland
Painting of Henry Frederick, Duke of Cumberland

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Henry Frederick, Duke of Cumberland
Henry Frederick, Duke of Cumberland stone

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