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Warwick Calmady

Warwick Calmady was buried on 29th January 1788 in the south cloister of Westminster Abbey. His gravestone has now worn away (it is just west of that to Philip Clark) and it read: 

Beneath this stone rest the remains of Warwick Calmady Esq. of Calmady in the co. of Devon, Assistant Comptroller in the Navy. He died Jan. 19 1788 aged 77

He was a son of Francis Calmady of Combshead and his wife Cecilia (Pollexfen). His brother was Shilston. By 1723 he was a Captain in the Navy but resigned his commission, some say in disgust at the execution of Admiral Byng. He died in Westminster and journals of the day said that his fortune went to Philippa Wilson alias Calmady, spinster, who was living with him. Their daughter Cecilia married John Richardson. A son Warwick became a London merchant but died before his father (both children were baptised at St John the Evangelist, Westminster).


9th January 1788


28th January 1788




South Cloister

Warwick Calmady
South Cloister

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