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Thomas Willis

In the north transept of Westminster Abbey is the grave of the celebrated physician Thomas Willis. The current stone was dedicated in 1961 to replace the original. The Latin inscription can be translated:

Mary, most beloved wife of Thomas Willis Doctor in Physick and daughter of Samuel Fell, D.D. and Dean of Christ Church in Oxford, valuable for piety, prudence and sweetness of manners, of all, but chiefly of her husband. She died loved and lamented on the vigil of All Saints 1670 and is buried here, expecting the eternal daybreak of that festival. In the same grave was buried their daughter Katherine, on the day after Michaelmas 1667. Here also lies the above mentioned Thomas Willis, most famous doctor of medicine, who died on the 11 November 1675 aged 54.

Thomas was born on 27th January 1621 at Great Bedwyn in Wiltshire, a son of Thomas (d.1643) and his wife Rachel (Howell). He was educated at Christ Church Oxford and in 1645 he enlisted in the army, supporting the Royalists during the English Civil War. He had a medical practice in Oxford and married Mary Fell on 7th April 1657. At the Restoration in 1660 he became Sedleian professor of natural philosophy at Oxford University and was Fellow of the Royal Society. In 1664 he published his Cerebri Anatome and is known for his 'Circle of Willis' in the brain. He made observations on many diseases and published several more works. Of his nine children only Thomas, Anne, Jane and Rachel survived to maturity. Thomas was born in 1658 and attended Westminster School. He married Alice Browne in Westminster Abbey on 20th May 1681 and their son was the celebrated antiquary Browne Willis. Dr Thomas married his second wife, Elizabeth widow of Sir William Calley, in the Abbey on 1st September 1672.

Further reading

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

"Thomas Willis, his life and work" by J. Trevor Hughes, 1991


27th January 1621


Physician; doctor


North Transept

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Thomas Willis
Thomas Willis engraved by George Vertue (1684–1756)

[Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Thomas Willis
Thomas WIllis grave

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The Shrine of St Edward the Confessor is one of the most powerful features of the Abbey. To stand in the presence of a man who is both a saint and a monarch is awe-inspiring.


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