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Stephen Jack Marriott

The Reverend Stephen Jack Marriott was a Canon of Westminster from 1937-1963, Archdeacon 1946-1951 and Sub Dean 1951-1959. His ashes are buried in the vault in the lower Islip chapel in Westminster Abbey. His wife Emilia (Alvarez de Nobrega of Lisbon) died in 1954 and is also buried there. Only his name is on the small stone:

Stephen Jack Marriott 1886-1965 Archdeacon

He was the son of Stephen and Louise and was born at Walthamstow and educated at Brecon and Cambridge. During the Great War he was a naval chaplain. He died on 25th December 1964. He had three sons - Paul Rex (who served in the forces in Persia and Iraq during the war), Peter Christopher (served in the West African forces and married Monica Still in the Abbey) and Ronald Cecil (who served in the RAF and married Anne Thorne in the Abbey) and two daughters Beryl (who married Richard Britten) and Dorothea. Dorothea was private secretary to Dean Eric Abbott and in retirement was a resident of the Abbey's almshouses. Her ashes are buried in St Faith's chapel (as the Islip vault could not be opened at the time she died) and a small stone there reads:

Dorothea Marriott 1908-1995


25th December 1964




Islip Chapel; St Faiths Chapel

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Stephen Jack Marriott
Canon Stephen Marriott by Brian Thomas

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