Sir James Croft

Sir James Croft, governor of Berwick upon Tweed and Lord Deputy of Ireland, was buried in St John the Evangelist's chapel in Westminster Abbey. But he seems never to have had any monument or marker. He was born about 1518, a son of Richard Croft of Croft Castle and his wife Catherine (Herbert). His first wife was Alice Warnecombe and they had three sons, including Edward and James, and four daughters. His second wife was Catherine Blount. He captained troops at the siege of Boulogne and became water bailiff there. He was a Member of Parliament and held various posts including constable of several castles in the Welsh marches, gentleman of the Privy Chamber and for a short time deputy constable of the Tower of London. After conspiring against Catholicism in the reign of Mary I he was imprisoned in the Tower, tried and condemned to death. But a few months later he was pardoned. Elizabeth I appointed him to the post in Berwick but he was blamed for the disastrous siege of Leith and removed from office and imprisoned. Again he was released and sat in Parliament as member for Herefordshire from 1563 and was controller of the household. He died on 4th September 1590.

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4th September 1590




St John the Evangelist

Sir James Croft
St Andrew, St Michael and St John the Evangelist chapels

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