Sir Arthur Ingram

Sir Arthur Ingram, politician and landowner, was buried in Westminster Abbey on 26 August 1642. He does not appear in the main burial register, which has some omissions due to the English Civil war, but other accounts at the Abbey and at his residence in Yorkshire confirm it. The location however is not known.

He was born about 1562, a son of Hugh Ingram and his wife Anne (Goldthorpe). He was educated in Italy and Turkey. In 1613 he was knighted. He held many posts as well as being a Member of Parliament such as customs official. He was also a Merchant Adventurer and he was on the Virginia Company committee. He lived in Dean's Yard in the precincts of the Abbey and also purchased Temple Newsam house near Leeds from the Duke of Lennox. His first wife was Susan Browne and they had two sons and a daughter, his second was Alice Ferrars widow of John Halliday (one son), and his third was Mary daughter of Sir Edward Greville (one son). His youngest son Sir Thomas sat in the Cavalier Parliament. It appears another son was also called Arthur.

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Sir Arthur Ingram
Westminster Abbey in the 17th century

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