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Roger de Quincy, Earl of Winchester

Roger de Quincy, Earl of Winchester, constable of Scotland, was a benefactor to the building of Henry III's new Gothic Westminster Abbey, begun in 1245. His carved shield still remains in the south choir aisle bearing the coat of arms: "gules, seven voided lozenges or". He was a son of Saer de Quincy, Earl of Winchester and his wife Margaret de Breteuil, and may have gone on crusade with his father.

Henry III appointed him to arbitrate between Alexander III of Scotland and leaders of various factions there. His first wife was Helen daughter of the Lord of Galloway and they had three daughters Margaret, Elizabeth and Helen. His second wife was Maud de Bohun and his third Eleanor de Ferrers. He died on 25th April 1264 and his title lapsed. He is not buried at the Abbey.


25th April 1264


South Choir Aisle

Memorial Type


Roger de Quincy, Earl of Winchester
Roger de Quincy, Earl of Winchester memorial

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