Robert Lowe, Viscount Sherbrooke

Politician Robert Lowe (later created Viscount Sherbrooke) has a bust in the eastern porch of St Margaret's Church Westminster. The Latin inscription on one side wall can be translated: 

This porch is dedicated to the memory of Robert Lowe Viscount Sherbrooke who having, by the force of his genius, attained the highest offices of the State, faithfully fulfilled them, and in the neighbouring Senate House of the British people, always preferred the good of his country to party interest (by Caroline his widow 1894).

His bust on the opposite wall is by American sculptor (Sir) Moses Ezekiel who was asked by Lady Sherbrooke to make a marble copy of the bust he had done of the Viscount. Between the five shields under the bust is the inscription:

Roma 1895 Ezekiel Fecit (Rome 1895 made by Ezekiel)

The shields bear Greek words - Manliness- a fearless outspokenness of what was felt to be right and true, Mental Power - the cultivated outcome of high intellect, Political Wisdom -and its consequences in statesmanship, the practical outcome of the preceding mental and moral qualities.

He was born at Bingham in Nottinghamshire on 4th December 1811, a son of the Reverend Robert Lowe and his wife Ellen (Pyndar). At Winchester College he was bullied for being an albino but when on to study law at Oxford university. His first wife was Georgiana Orred and they went to Australia for several years where he served on the legislative council in New South Wales. On returning to England he became a Member of Parliament and was a well known debater. His second marriage was to Caroline Sneyd but he had no children by either marriage. He was knighted in 1885 and also created a Viscount. He died on 27th July 1892 and is buried at Brookwood cemetery in Surrey.

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4th December 1811


27th July 1892




St Margaret's Church

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Robert Lowe, Viscount Sherbrooke
Robert Lowe, Viscount Sherbrooke by George Frederic Watts

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Robert Lowe, Viscount Sherbrooke
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