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Jonathan Martin

Jonathan Martin, organist to the King, was buried in the west cloister of Westminster Abbey on 9th April 1737 but he has no monument or inscribed gravestone. Born about 1705 he was educated under the famous Dr William Croft, becoming a chorister at the Chapel Royal, where he was later appointed organist in 1736. He had been an organist at St George's, Hanover Square in London. He died aged 22 of consumption and the newspapers of the day described him as:

a young gentleman as much esteemed for his amiable personal qualities as he was admired for his great excellency in his profession.

An inscription for his grave was written and published by Vincent Bourne in his Miscellaneous Poems but there is no record of its actually having being inscribed on the stone.

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9th April 1737




West Cloister

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Jonathan Martin
West Cloister

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