Johann Peter Salomon

Johann Peter Salomon, musician, is buried in the south cloister of Westminster Abbey. An inscription for him was cut on the grave of fellow musician William Shield in 1938 and reads:

Johann Peter Salomon Musician Born 1745 Died 1815. He brought Haydn to England in 1791 and 1794

He was born in Bonn in Germany and was a noted violinist like his father Philipp, who was in the Court orchestra. Johann joined him at Court and was later musical director to the Prince of Prussia. In 1780 he came to London and gave many concerts as orchestra leader and soloist. On a visit to Vienna he persuaded Joseph Haydn to come to London. He died on 25th November 1815 after injuries sustained in a riding accident.

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25th November 1815




South Cloister

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Johann Peter Salomon
Johann Peter Salomon

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Johann Peter Salomon
Johann Peter Salomon grave with William Shield

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