James Scott, Earl of Dalkeith

James Scott, Earl of Dalkeith and several members of his family are buried in the Ormond vault at the eastern end of Henry VII's chapel at Westminster Abbey. He has no monument but the names and years of death of some of the following were inscribed on a stone above the vault in the 19th century.

James was born on 23rd May 1674 a son of James Scott, Duke of Monmouth and 1st Duke of Buccleuch (who was beheaded and is buried at the Tower of London) and his wife Lady Anne Scott. He served in the army in Flanders and was a Knight of the Order of the Thistle. Until the execution of his father he was known as Earl of Doncaster. He married Lady Henrietta Hyde daughter of Lawrence, 1st Earl of Rochester. He died of apoplexy and was buried on 19 March 1705. His wife was buried on 3rd June 1730.

His elder brother Charles Scott, Earl of Doncaster was buried on 10th February 1674 aged one year.

Another brother Lord Francis Scott died young and was buried on 6th December 1679.

His sisters Charlotte and Anne also died young and were buried in 1683 and 1685 respectively.

James's son Charles was buried 5 April 1700 and son James, born and baptised at the Earl of Rochester's house in the Cockpit area of Whitehall in January 1703, was buried on 27 February 1719. His daughter Lady Anne was buried on 18th October 1714 aged 19.

James's grandson Francis Scott married Caroline, daughter of John, Duke of Argyll and she was buried with her father in the Argyll vault in Henry VII's chapel in 1794.

All dates are given in New Style dating.

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James Scott, Earl of Dalkeith
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