Fishmongers' Company

The Worshipful Company of Fishmongers in London were generous benefactors to the restoration of the Lady Chapel at Westminster Abbey in 1992-1995. A small decorated metal plaque commemorates this at the side of the steps leading into the chapel. The designer was Donald Buttress and the inscription reads "The Fishmongers' Company". They are one of the most ancient of the City Guilds.

Each year at the St Peter's Day (or Collegiate) dinner in June the Fishmongers present a salmon to the Dean and Chapter in commemoration of the medieval custom celebrating the legendary foundation of the first Abbey by St Peter (this was said to be the monastery founded by King Sebert when St Peter hailed a fisherman to take him across the Thames on the eve of the official consecration of the church. He proceeded to dedicate the building aided by angels. When he asked for food the fisherman said he had caught nothing so the saint told him he would now catch many fish, including salmon. The two conditions were that he should not fish on Sundays and should give at tithe of salmon to the Abbey).

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Fishmongers' Company




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Fishmongers' Company
Worshipful Company of Fishmongers benefactor plaque

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