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Ellis Wynn

Ellis Wynn, or Wynne, was buried in the south ambulatory (the long aisle) of Westminster Abbey on 29th September 1623 but he has no monument or marker. He was the third son of Maurice Wynn, Member of Parliament, of Gwydir in Wales, and Jane daughter of Sir Richard Bulkeley. Sir John Wynne, 1st Baronet of Gwydir was his brother. He was educated at Westminster School. Ellis held the post of Clerk of the Petty Bag in the High Court of Chancery and was a cousin of a prebendary of Westminster, Dr Theodore Price. His wife was Anne, daughter of Alderman Gage and they had no children.

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Oxford Dictionary of National Biography 2004

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29th September 1623


South Ambulatory

Ellis Wynn
South Ambulatory

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