Elizabeth, Countess of Desmond

Elizabeth, Countess of Desmond was buried in St Paul's chapel in Westminster Abbey on 17th March 1629 but she has no marker. She was the only surviving child of Thomas Butler, 10th Earl of Ormond and 3rd Earl of Ossory by his second wife Elizabeth (daughter of John 2nd Lord Sheffield). Her father was Lt. General of Forces in Ireland and Treasurer of Ireland.

Her first husband was her cousin Theobald, Viscount Butler of Tulleophelim in co. Carlow, Ireland (he died 1613) and her second was Sir Richard Preston, Baron Dingwall in Scotland who was created Earl of Desmond in Ireland on 22nd November 1622. Their daughter was Elizabeth, Duchess of Ormond who was buried on 24th July 1684 in the Ormond vault. He was drowned in the Irish sea on 28th October 1628. Elizabeth is said to have died in Wales on 10th October 1628, shortly before her husband. She was probably removed to the Abbey to be buried by the side of her father's first wife Elizabeth Berkeley (daughter of Thomas, 6th Lord Berkeley) who died 1st September 1582, and her infant brother James Butler, Viscount Thurles (died 1590), both of whom are buried in St Paul's chapel (again with no markers).

Many members of the family are buried in the Ormond vault in Henry VII's chapel.

Elizabeth, Countess of Desmond
St Paul's chapel

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