Edward Wiggett Thompson

The ashes of Edward Wiggett Thompson and his wife are buried in the Islip chapel in Westminster Abbey. He was Head Master of the Abbey Choir School from 1946 until his retirement in 1965. He was born on 16th May 1900 and served at Sherborne school. As a result of an air crash in the First World War he had a perpetual stoop. His nickname was Mingan, derived from his scouting days and a corruption of Red Indian, meaning leader of the pack. He did much to build up the Abbey choir school after disruption during the Second World War, recruiting new choristers or those from the temporary war time choir. Organist and Master of the Choristers Sir William McKie said he was a great schoolmaster and a remarkable man. He married Peggy Brock who died on 9th May 1954. He died on 30th March 1969. The graves are not marked.

The portrait shown is at the Abbey Choir School.


16th May 1900


30th March 1969


Islip Chapel

Edward Wiggett Thompson
Edward Wiggett Thompson

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