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Westminster Abbey and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Abbey remains open for worship and you are welcome to join us at our daily Eucharist service if you are able to travel here safely within current government guidelines.

However, for the time being we are unable to open the Abbey and St Margaret’s Church for general visiting.

Dame Sophy de Geminghen

Dame Sophy (or Soffy) Auguste de Geminghen was buried in the Duke of Ormond's vault at the east end of Henry VII's chapel in Westminster Abbey on 24th November 1723. A modern stone over the vault records her name but she has no monument. 

She appears to have been a sister of Baron Geminghen, who arrived from Hanover in Germany on the day of her death, according to newspapers of the time. She attended the then Princess of Wales from her childhood and was, at her death, one of the Ladies of the Bedchamber and Governess to the Princess's young children Prince William and Princess Mary. She died at Leicester House in London aged 47.


24th November 1723


Lady Chapel

Memorial Type


Dame Sophy de Geminghen
Lady Chapel

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