Charles MacCarthy, Viscount Muskerry

Charles MacCarthy, Viscount Muskerry was buried in the north ambulatory of Westminster Abbey but he has no monument or marker. He was killed fighting the Dutch at the battle of Lowestoft and was buried on 19th June 1665. He was the eldest son of Donogh, 1st Earl of Clancarty and his wife Lady Eleanor Butler, sister of the Duke of Ormond. He married Lady Margaret Burke and their only son Charles succeeded to the title but died young.

His grandfather Cormac MacCarthy, Baron of Blarney and Viscount Muskerry was buried in the Abbey on 27th May 1640 according to the register but he is said to have died in February. He was the eldest son of Sir Cormac MacCarty and Mary (Butler). There is no monument or marker for him.

Charles MacCarthy's nephew Donogh, Earl of Clancarty married Lady Elizabeth Spencer in the Abbey on 31st December 1684. As an adherent of James II his vast estates were forfeited but his life was spared as long as he left England for ever. Their daughter Lady Charlotte, married John, 7th Lord Delawarr and later Earl Delawarr and was buried in the south aisle of the nave of the Abbey on 16th February 1735. Again her grave is unmarked.


19th June 1665




North Ambulatory

Charles MacCarthy, Viscount Muskerry
North Ambulatory looking west

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