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British Prisoners of War 1914-1918

In 1926 a stained glass window, by Sir J. Ninian Comper, was unveiled in the north choir aisle of Westminster Abbey to remember all British prisoners of war in Germany who died during the First World War. It was presented by James Gerard, US Ambassador in Berlin and the inscription reads: 

In memory of British Prisoners of War who died in Germany 1914-1918. A tribute from the American Ambassador in Berlin 1914-1917

The American eagle and coat of arms appears at the base with the arms of the United Kingdom. The main figures in the window show King Henry VI and Richard Harweden, abbot of Westminster, continuing the theme shown in the north nave aisle windows.


Soldier; airman


North Choir Aisle

Memorial Type


Material Type


British Prisoners of War 1914-1918
British Prisoners of War 1914-1918 window

This image can be purchased from Westminster Abbey Library

Image © 2019 Dean and Chapter of Westminster

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At different times of the day, or in different seasons, the light falling in the Abbey will light up something that you have walked past a million times and never seen before.


Vanessa, Head of Conservation

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