Photograph of a page of a medieval manuscript showing a king being crowned to promote the royalty page for families at Westminster Abbey


Coronations have taken place in Westminster Abbey since 1066, when William the Conqueror was crowned on Christmas Day. The church has been closely linked with the royal family all through its history, and that continues today with the monarch visiting the Abbey throughout the year. Explore the Abbey's links with royalty and have a go at recreating your own coronation at home.

Photograph of two children wearing their crowns in the garden of Westminster Abbey, representing the coronation crowns video

Coronation Crowns

Make a special coronation crown to wear to all your most important engagements.

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Photograph of an adult and a child creating a crown using the template provided by Westminster Abbey, representing the coronation crown template

Coronation Crowns

Photograph of the Coronation Chair at Westminster Abbey for a video about Jubilees


What is a Jubilee? Go on a journey to discover how some long reigning monarchs have celebrated these very special occasions.

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Illustration of a fictional coronation representing a short film about making a monarch at Westminster Abbey

Making a monarch

Ever wondered what actually happens during this spectacular ceremony? Discover the key moments of a coronation and the symbolism of the special objects involved.

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Photograph of crown amongst trees representing the Royal Oak Story by Westminster Abbey

The Royal Oak story

This story, told by Debbie Guneratne, is all about how climbing a tree saved a young man, a king and maybe his country. The Royal Oak is a gentle look at a story of danger and difficulty with a heartwarming message.

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Photograph of king and queen within the Liber Regalis for a video about coronations


Explore the long history of coronations at Westminster Abbey and find out what happens during this special service. Make your own regalia and maybe act out a coronation of your own.

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Visiting the Abbey

Westminster Abbey is a brilliant place for families to visit. There are animals to spot and stories to discover as you walk round. With over 3,000 people buried and remembered in the Abbey, there really is something for everyone to get excited about.

We run family activities on a variety of themes on Saturdays throughout the year and during local school holidays too. Explore the Abbey and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries with help from our exciting family trails.