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Sir William Constable

Sir William Constable was buried in a vault in Henry VII's chapel in Westminster Abbey on 21st June 1655. But by Royal Warrant dated 9th September 1661 his remains were exhumed, together with several other followers of Oliver Cromwell, and buried in a pit in the churchyard of St Margaret's Westminster. In the 19th century his name and date of burial were cut on the stone above Cromwell's one-time vault and on 16th December 1966 a tablet on the west wall of the tower of St Margaret's was unveiled which reads:

"This tablet is erected by the Cromwell Association to the memory of the undermentioned whose remains were disinterred from Westminster Abbey at the time of the restoration of King Charles II and were in September 1661 buried in this churchyard of St Margaret's"

It then lists the 21 names including Constable.

He was the son of Sir Robert Constable of Flamborough in Yorkshire and his wife Anne (Hussey). Knighted by the Earl of Essex in Ireland in 1599 he was created a baronet in 1611. He was colonel of a regiment of foot in Cromwell's Parliamentary army, governor of Gloucester and one of the signatories to the death warrant of Charles I. His wife was Dorothy, daughter of Thomas, Lord Fairfax but they had no children and the title became extinct.

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21st June 1655




St Margaret's Church

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Sir William Constable
St Margaret's Church Regicides Tablet

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