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Michael Mayne

The ashes of Michael Clement Otway Mayne K.C.V.O, Dean of Westminster, are buried in the nave of Westminster Abbey near the graves of his predecessors in office. The Hopton Wood stone, designed by Ken Thompson, was unveiled on 3rd October 2008. The border inscription, by Boethius, is the same as is written in the Abbot's Pew (a gallery overlooking the nave and reached from the Deanery). The inscription reads: 

Michael Mayne Dean 1986-96. The journey and the journey's end Thou art

He was born on 10th September 1929, son of the Reverend M. Mayne and his wife Sylvia (Ellis). His father committed suicide when he was very young. He was educated at Canterbury, Cambridge and Cuddesdon college and was ordained.. From 1965-72 he was vicar of Norton and from 1979-86 vicar of Great St Mary's in Cambridge. He was head of religious programmes on BBC Radio. In 1965 he married Alison McKie and they had two children. During his time at the Abbey the restoration of the west towers and of Henry VII's chapel took place and among the memorials unveiled were those to Sir John Betjemen, Oscar Wilde and Innocent Victims of war and violence. He was the author of several books and retired to Salisbury. Although knighted by the Queen clergymen do not take the title Sir. He was appointed Dean Emeritus of the Abbey. He died on 22nd October 2006.

Publications by Michael Mayne

A Year lost and found 

This sunrise of wonder

Pray, Love, Remember , 1998

To Trust and to Love edited by J.Huffstetler, 2011

There is a memorial tablet in the cloisters to Henry Otway Mayne - any relationship is not known.


10th September 1929


22nd October 2006


Writer; priest; dean



Memorial Type


Michael Mayne
Michael Mayne, Dean of Westminster

© The Dean and Chapter of Westminster

Michael Mayne
Michael Mayne gravestone

© The Dean and Chapter of Westminster

This image can be purchased from Westminster Abbey Library

Michael Mayne
Michael Mayne stall plate

© The Dean and Chapter of Westminster

This image can be purchased from Westminster Abbey Library

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