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John Storr

In the chapel of St John the Evangelist in Westminster Abbey is a marble tablet and bust to Rear Admiral John Storr. He is buried in the north transept and his monument used to be near his grave, beside that to Sir Peter Warren, but was reduced in size and moved to the side chapel in the late 19th century. The bust shows the admiral in naval uniform but the naval trophies no longer exist. The sculptor was William Tyler. The inscription reads:

To the memory of John Storr Esqr. of Hilston in the county of York, Rear Admiral of the Red Squadron of His Majesty's fleet. In his profession a brave & gallant officer, in private life a tender husband, an honest man & a sincere friend. He was born August 18th 1709, died January 10th 1783 & interr'd near this place

He was the son of Joseph Storr and became a captain in the Royal Navy in 1748 and Rear Admiral in 1779. He married John-Norris, divorced from her first husband Colonel Gordon just before the wedding at St George's church, Bloomsbury in London on 11th May 1773. He died in Bedford Square and left all his Yorkshire estates to his widow.


18th August 1709


10th January 1783




North Transept; St John the Evangelist

Memorial Type

Bust; tablet

Material Type


John Storr
Rear Admiral John Storr monument

This image can be purchased from Westminster Abbey Library

Image © 2018 Dean and Chapter of Westminster

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