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Dame Mary Bond

Dame Mary Bond was buried on 11th August 1696 in the chapel of St Edmund in Westminster Abbey but she has no gravestone or monument. The burial register describes the location as "on the right hand of the Duchess of Gloucester's tomb and under the stone that was laid for Robert Waldeby". So that is in the centre part of the chapel. She was the daughter of Charles Peliott, Baron de la Garde, of Paris and widow of Sir Thomas Bond, 1st Baronet of Peckham (a Papist, buried at Camberwell in 1685). After her husband's death she lived at Hengrave in Suffolk with her only daughter Mary Charlotte (wife of Sir William Gage). It is assumed she died in London or Westminster as she was interred in the Abbey. Sir Thomas had been Controller of the Household to Queen Henrietta Maria (wife of Charles I) and it is said that Mary was one of the Ladies of her Privy Chamber. Her sister, la Garde, was a maid of honour to Queen Catherine (wife of Charles II).

Her will is at the National Archives.


11th August 1696


Chapel of St Edmund

Dame Mary Bond
St Edmund's Chapel

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It’s very hard not to be enthusiastic working at the Abbey. If this place doesn’t make you smile I don’t know what will.


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