Visiting the Abbey

Stained glass windows in Henry VII Chapel

West window

This large window was unveiled by The Queen in 1995 to mark the culmination of a twenty two year programme of Abbey restoration. It incorporates coats of arms, initials and cyphers of donors to the Restoration Appeal and particularly honours Sir John Templeton (born 1912), a major benefactor. The arms of the Sovereign, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales also appear. The design is by John Lawson and the glass is by Goddard and Gibbs.

Central East window

This new window, designed by Alan Younger and unveiled in 2000, celebrates the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was the gift of Lord and Lady Harris of Peckham, major donors to the Restoration Appeal, who can be seen kneeling at the base of the window. The lower panels depict a Nativity scene.

Donor windows in the apsidal chapels

Small windows designed by Alfred Fisher and P. Archer also commemorate the major donors to the Abbey's restoration Appeal, many of them from the United States of America.

Battle of Britain memorial

In the eastern chapel this magnificent window by Hugh Easton commemorates fighter pilots and crew who died during the Battle of Britain in 1940. Badges of the participating squadrons are shown with scenes of the Crucifixion, the Pieta, the Resurrection and the Incarnation, with a row of Seraphim at the top. Description of this chapel and window can be found in the Guide and Tour. A postcard is available from the shop.