Whatever your interests or passion for the Abbey there are many things you can support.


Music and the Westminster Abbey Choir School

Westminster Abbey has resounded to music for over a thousand years from 10th century monks’ plainsong to daily choral services with acclaimed organists. Support will sustain this tradition and allow us to commission new works.

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Collections, Conservation and Maintenance of the Fabric

The Abbey dates from the 10th century and needs constant vigilance to protect this historic fabric. It is also home to a collection of priceless treasures which need ongoing specialist care.

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Religious Work and Other Aspects of Abbey Life

The principal mission of Westminster Abbey is the worship of God. The daily cycle of services is at its heart and gifts directed to that mission will further our commitment to worshippers and pilgrims.

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St Margaret's Church

St Margaret's Church

St Margaret’s has witnessed many turning points in the history of the English-speaking people and today the “parish church of the House of Commons” needs extra support to preserve its unique role within the Abbey precincts.

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Wherever the Need Is Greatest

We are entirely financially self-supporting with no support from church, state or monarchy. If you do not wish to specify where your donation will go but to help wherever the need is greatest, please select this option.

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New Galleries

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Galleries

Seventy feet above the floor and hidden to the public for over 700 years, the new galleries will display treasures and artefacts reflecting a rich and varied thousand-year history. This is a chance to make history.

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