Ann Bingley

Ann Bingley was buried in Westminster Abbey on 17th May 1615 but the location of her grave is not recorded in the burial register. She was a daughter of Thomas Henshaw, citizen and Merchant Taylor of London (called in one pedigree silkman and servant to King James, who died in 1612) and Flower, daughter of John Goldsborough of Yorkshire. Her husband Sir John Bingley (died 1638 in Dublin) was a Member of Parliament for Chester and Remembrancer of the Exchequer who was convicted in the Court of the Star Chamber of extortion in office and imprisoned (together with the Earl of Suffolk, Lord High Treasurer). They lived near the House of Commons. This may be the same Sir John Bingley who erected the monument to Sir Richard Bingham in the Abbey.

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17 May 1615

Ann Bingley
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